JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The revolving door of issues with Metrocenter Mall in Jackson were front and center during a court hearing on Tuesday.

Plaintiff Christopher Jones, who is a business investor, addressed the court by phone during a status call in the case. He alleged a series of fraud accusations against Emily Sanders in regards to the mall.

Jones is suing Sanders for Civil RICO, fraud, racketeering, civil conspiracy and commercial fraud.

“We think the community had a right to know when this first came about that Emily Sanders was taking over the Metrocenter Mall. A lot of folks had a lot of excitement about that. They were supportive of that. A lot of single mothers and single parents came out, invested money for space they never got. There’s just there’s a lot of history here in a very short time,” said Jones.

Sanders is representing herself in the case. On Tuesday, she asked Judge Keith Ball for more time to obtain legal counsel.

Ball said Sanders would represent herself because there had been a ‘sufficient amount of time’ for Sanders to get council, and the court would move forward in the case.

One of the contractors, who was hired to make repairs on the mall, said they’re happy that the judge decided to move forward with the case because they have yet to see any payment for the work that they have done.

“We’re just happy about the judge’s decision, you know, to move forward, to go ahead and get it over with. You know, we just take this little small victory and just build on it,” said Roger and Tianna Thomas, who are contractors.

The case is set to go to federal trial in August 2023 before Judge Carlton Reeves.