Leola Dillard celebrates 107 years of life, says to have a dream

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Walt Grayson crashed a birthday party in Yazoo City where the honoree turned 107-years-young this year. 

When you talk to Mrs. Leola Dillard, no matter where the conversation starts it always goes back to having a dream and making it come true… and she has some advice on how to do that.

Walt Grayson says it was a great party, too. 

Mrs. Dillard’s children were there, and their children, and their children, and their children, all in all until counting her, there were five generations gathered at her chair.

The same chair she sits in every day and does her reading and her word puzzles and her crocheting. 

It is also where she passes out advice to all who are wise enough to listen to her, mostly about the passing of time.

Leola Dillard says, “I try to tell everybody, if you hear the clock ticking on the wall, tick, tick, ticking time away from all… as it ticks you dream dreams. That dream gets you nowhere if you don’t get up and do something about it.”

Mother Dillard, as a lot of people call her, has a life full of dreams to keep her busy. 

“I worked three jobs trying to school my children, get to school and get a college degree. I mean I worked hard. I didn’t mind working, either.” 

Mother Dillard got her degree along with the children. Once she received her degree she started to teach at a school and also worked to help people in the community. She has a whole wall of recognition and awards for her service. 

“Making a Difference Day” was one of her favorite projects. 

All year she’d collect up stuff and one day put it in out her yard and give it away, free for anyone who needed it. 

A family member says, “Black, white, all colors would come and get whatever they needed.” 

Her pastor recognizes mother Dillard’s wisdom.

Rev. Willie Richardson says, “Being here a hundred and seven years old, you don’t dismiss her, you sit at her feet and learn from her.”

A family member says, “We just thank her for what she gave us and the legacy she has left for us.”

Just in case you do not have a 107-year-old  parent to give you advice, take some of mother Dillard’s. 

Get straight on your dream and your dream will live on after you are gone. and the clock will keep ticking on.

That is the secret to living period… no matter your age, have a dream… have something to look forward to waking up to the next day.

Mrs.Dillard has had a goal every day for 107 years… have a dream and then go do it.

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