After passing away from multiple injuries 4 year old Armani Hill of Natchez was laid to rest this evening surrounded by family and friends.

Even though she only spent four years on this earth those who were close to Armani were touched by her cheerful smile and typical four year old personality to make the family laugh. 

Surrounded by her smiling pictures, frozen toys and favorite books the family of Armani Hill found peace in this time of tragedy. 

“Everyone who knows her described her as being very bubbly, delightful, her favorite color was pink,” Family Spokesperson Cherish McCallum told us. “And of course all the things a little girl her age loved to do and watch on television. When you talk about her and say her name people just light up.”

Lakeisha Marie Jones and her boyfriend James Christopher Anderson are accused of beating this child to death.  People want to know how this could happen, and why.

“It’s always a surprise to any family and the depth and breadth of it is always very alarming to people,” McCallum continued. “We don’t want to talk about child abuse.”

The Natchez Police Chief called this the “worst case of child abuse” he had ever seen. Her death shocked the Natchez community. 

“When I first heard it I was out of town and everybody was talking about it,” County Supervisor Rickey Gray said. “I really didn’t know what was going on but once I found out I was stunned and I think this whole community is shook up by it.”

Now moving forward many in Natchez and Armani’s family are urging unity and stepping up to seeing signs of child abuse and put a stop to it before it’s too late. 

“Our child protection services in the state of Mississippi have great programs,” McCallum stated. “And calling the 800 number, giving them details, giving them everything you know and allowing them to investigate is still our best way to prevent child abuse to protect families.”

Partnering with your locals children’s advocacy center can also raise money for abused children to receive mental treatment recovering from the trauma losing a sibling. 

As for Armani’s younger sister she’s still recovering in the hospital from her injuries while her older brother is living in foster care.