A little girl, who suffers from severe anxiety, says she is still blaming herself for allowing her beloved service dog get shot by the family’s neighbor.

The family, along with animal right’s advocates and members of the community were in court recently, to see the man who killed the puppy, get convicted.

Larry Allred of Terry is being punished for animal cruelty in the February shooting death of 8-month-old Bae Bae. 

Allred shot Bae Bae right in front of 12-year-old Kaylee Reel, who depended on her canine best friend to see her through her difficult times.

Attorney for Bae Bae’s family, Bill Featherston, said  “not only was this a cruel and senseless act of animal cruelty, which took the life of the family pet, it put the little girl in danger.” 

Kaylee, who blames herself for the incident, vividly remembers that moment when Bae Bae was shot while looking back at her. 

“I said ‘Bae Bae, come here,’ he looked, he was coming, but he heard the gun close and that’s when he shot him in his head,” she said. “I felt like it was my fault.” 

Her older sister, Lexi Wilkerson, is feeling the similar emotions, saying “I just started crying because it was unbelievable, because like I still saw his legs and his tail moving.” 

Animal activists are now calling on lawmakers to pass stricter animal cruelty laws.

Allred is ordered by the court to pay a fine of just $250 and now has a misdemeanor animal cruelty conviction on his record.

The victim’s family says they are also filing civil suit against Allred for emotional distress.