MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – Local businesses are having to adapt to the rising gas costs, which means dipping into their own wallets.

Local Madison business owner Raj Ramarao just started his alcohol delivery business six months ago. He said it’s the first of its kind in the Magnolia State.

The business, Moonshine Mississippi, serves the Jackson-metro area and takes on the concept of a more convenient and safe way for consumers to get their alcoholic beverages delivered right to their home within an hour.

Ramarao said he hasn’t increased prices for his customers, but he and his employees are taking the hit.

“Being a small business, that’s a very difficult thing to do. Not many people know about us, so our orders are limited. We are kind of forced to spend some extra money on gas to cover the expense. It’s definitely hard being a small business,” said Ramarao.

Moonshine Mississippi currently contracts with Colony Wine Market in Madison, along with Madison Cellars. Ramarao said they’re trying to minimize taking on orders that are more than 15 miles away to help cut down on the soaring gas prices.

A lot of consumers also use the home alcohol delivery to reduce drinking and driving. Click here to learn more.