Local doctor discusses spirituality in the age of COVID-19

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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – For many Mississippians, church fills a vital spot in their weekly lives, yet the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted that routine.

Research suggests that religion can be good for your health. It can inspire people to stay away from bad habits, reduce stress and increase physical activity.

Dr. Timothy Quinn of Quinn Healthcare in Ridgeland discussed how religion can impact an individual’s spiritual and emotional vulnerability during the age of COVID-19.

“Going to church and participating in prayer and believing actually positively impacts your health, and it works by increasing the performance of your immune system. Now, note that, we have studied COVID-19 quite a bit, and we’ve learned that our number one defense against the virus is our immune system. And some of the mechanisms that were discovered in the research was the fact that individuals who pray and who engage in religion, they have a healthier lifestyle,” he explained.

Given the pandemic and out of safety precautions, some churches have closed their doors to the sanctuary and have conducted virtual services instead.

Dr. Quinn said as long as religious groups continue to follow CDC recommendations, it could help lessen the spread.


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