Local organization offers support to residents affected by shutdown

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As we move through another week with the U.S Government closed down, an organization here in Jackson is working to bring everyday citizens’ concerns to their representatives about the issue and what they want changed.

This group known as Indivisible Mississippi is a chapter to a nationwide organization that’s main goal is to communicate ordinary people to all levels of government. Tonight their main topic was how folks around Jackson are or eventually feeling impacts from the government shutdown.

“There’s no company, Apple wouldn’t’t shutdown for three weeks,” Indivisible member Richard Hudson said. “Google wouldn’t’t shutdown for three weeks, how can the United States Government shutdown for three weeks.”

That question brought several key members to Indivisible Mississippi tonight, determined to come up with ways to call and write letters to government officials why the people of Jackson could suffer if the government remains closed.

“Just to touch base and see what kind of actions we might be able to take to support those who are affected by the shutdown,” member Ali Nababi told us. “Or present our opinions to those who affect the outcome of the shutdown.”

In order to do that, Indivisible says it starts with numbers.

“Working with a group really feels like you’ve gotten together and talked through points that are important to you,” Sharon Lobert explained. “You kind of decided what your point of focus will be and then work on talking points especially if you’re going to talk with your legislature.”

But a big motivation for some of these volunteers to get out and help their community members affected by this shutdown is they know exactly how it feels to rely on the federal government for employment.

“I grew up in a family where my father worked for the government and if he had been furloughed for 19-21 days it would have been really hard for us to easily put food on the table,” Hudson continued. “People don’t carry the resources as a backup that they once did.”

Indivisible is also looking to spread their message online and plans to meet again in the upcoming month where they urge any family affected by the shutdown to come forward and they will take your concerns to Washington.

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