Local woman struggles to repair her car after getting faulty gas at a Jackson gas station

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A Jackson woman’s car breaks down after getting faulty gas at a local gas station.
The Family Food Mart” has since shut down gas production, but the woman is still out a car and doesn’t have the money to get it fixed.
Ms. Wells says because she paid cash and didn’t get a receipt, local attorneys have told her that it’s going to be hard to prove that she was ever at the gas station. However when the state Petroleum Products Division came out they found the gas station had more 7 inches of water in their gas tank.
A nearly clear mixture of water and gas was pulled from Ms. Wells gas tank hours after filling up her car at the “Family Food Mart” at the corner of Cooper and Rainey Road.
“It was all I could do to get my car back home, and when I got home it just went dead, it wouldn’t crank and the next day I called my mechanic and he told me I had gotten water in my tank,” Ms. Wells explained about driving home after getting faulty gas.
Ms. Wells who didn’t want to show her face says she’s had to catch a ride to and from work for the last month.
“I haven’t been able to go to the grocery store I haven’t been able to buy dog food, buy food. I’ve had to cancel at least 4 doctor’s appointments. I have heart problems,” Ms. Wells said.
Her insurance won’t cover the cost to fix her car, and she can’t get in touch with the owner of the service station to get their insurance information. So we stopped by in search of answers, but the owner couldn’t be reached.
“It’s just been a real hardship and I need them to make it right,” she faught back tears.
Brandy McCrory with Rogers Dabbs Chevrolet explains that if water isn’t immediately drained out of the tank it could lead to thousands of dollars in damages.
“As the fuel and water mixture is going through out the fuel wells and down into the injectors ti can create rust at that point long term rust can actually get into the engine,” Brandy McCrory with Rogers Dabbs Chevrolet said.
Even though there’s no real way to ensure the gas your putting in your car is good, there are ways to make sure you’re protected.
McCrory says to always grab a receipt and use an established service station with insurance coverage.
“Your service station should have what’s called a water filter on their pump, and it’s designed specifically to filter the condensation from the fuel that’s going into your vehicle, so if there is a faulty filter at the pump there’s no way for you to know that,” McCrory said.
WJTV spoke with an employee here at the gas station who says that they did shut down all of the gas pumps and now they’re waiting for the state to come back out and make another inspection.
We’ve reached out to Valero for comment on how their insurance can handle the situation, and will let you know when we hear back.

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