Lyft driver describes struggle to survive attack in Jackson

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Lyft driver who was kidnapped and shot seven times on Tuesday in Jackson is sharing her story while recovering from a hospital bed. Brandy Littrell recounts the attack moment by moment.

Littrell: “Don’t die. I was clearly just like willing to give him whatever he asked for, which I did, because I knew he had the gun on me. He told me to give me my keys, my cell phone, and my Apple watch, which I did. Then he told me to get in the back seat and I did. Then, he got in the driver’s seat and he was still holding the gun, towards me, driving with his other hand and he was asking, had me giving the password from my phone and my debit card and asking how much money was in on my account.”

“I really got concerned because he was asking what was in my house and my grandma was over at my house and I really concerned with her safety. He went to a wooded area and had me get out of the car and grabbed me and then had me walk down into the woods– it felt like forever. Then, he says ‘stop’ and I stopped, then he tells me to get on my knees and I did. And that’s when he fired the first shot. That one hit my leg and I kind of hit the ground and I was trying to keep my face from getting hit. And so, I kind of buried my face as I much as I could. And then I heard the second and third shots going off. Well, one of them hit my back. All right. This hit me in my back…. back up to my neck and it hit my shoulder, which I do have a broken shoulder from.

“I only heard three shots, but apparently I was shot seven times, of course. And I heard him leave and I was like, this is how I’m going to die right out there, because I just knew that something major had been hit or something because, I instantly feel my blood running down my face. So, I needed to get out of there because I need to make sure that my family’s going to be okay. Like, my grandma, because like I said, he has all my information and I need to make sure she was gonna be okay, and I didn’t want her to not know how, um, what happened to me.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for Littrell to help with her recovery.

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