Mayor Flaggs has a plan to beat crime: Vicksburg

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VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV)- Mayor George Flaggs of Vicksburg holds a conference to talk about plans on how to beat crime.

The conference started at 10 am on Wednesday at the City Hall office.

“One murder, one crime is one too many in the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and won’t be tolerated as long as I’m mayor,” Flaggs said. “Also, I want the public to know exactly who is responsible and whom they need to approach if there’s any problem.”

said Mayor George Flaggs

The central focus of the proposal is a reorganization of the department, creating more functional operations within the department’s three divisions – investigative/operations, patrol, and administration. The new plan will add a deputy chief of patrol who, like the other deputy chiefs, will be directly accountable to Police Chief Milton Moore.

Vicksburg Police Department Goals and Objective

Deputy Chief of Investigations/Operations
  • Resolve Vicksburg’s 3 unsolved homicide cases
  • Review all case files presented to the District Attorney and Grand Jury, track all felony arrests and assist in other division matters
  • Effectively Supervise the day-to-day operations of the investigation division
  • Increase visibility, accessibility, and accountability to the taxpayer

Deputy Chief of Patrol

  • Create and apply additional crime prevention measures
  • implement community policing
  • Reduce overall crime
  • Increase visibility, accessibility, and accountability to the taxpayers

Deputy Chief of Administration

  • Manage administrative cost
  • Reduce overtime
  • Increase visibility, accessibility, and accountability to the taxpayers

“We have had too much zig-zagging in authority,” Flaggs said of the department’s current organizational chart. “We need to have direct lines of authority and direct lines of responsibility to create greater clarity and efficiency for the public.”

Mayor George Flaggs
The Vicksburg Mayor says the reorganization will make community involvement a top priority and allow the community a pathway to achieve a safer city. Mayor Flaggs says he not only wants this just during his administration but for whoever comes next. 
Flaggs says leadership requires being objective, and he believe that’s what Vicksburg residents are getting with this proposal.

“The new Vicksburg Police Department organizational chart creates functional responsibility and more internal accountability,” he said. “The goal is to increase crime prevention and reduce crime while making the Vicksburg Police Department more accessible to the public.”

“A zero tolerance for crime has always been and always will be our goal for Vicksburg,” Flaggs said.

Below is a Facebook live video of the news conference.

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