A 6-year-old Pike County boy is fighting for his life after contracting Necrotizing Fasciitis also known as a flesh eating disease.

WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter spoke with the mother who has a warning for other parents after her son’s infection went undiagnosed for 3 days.

“He was complaining about his leg we took him to the doctor he tested positive for strep throat but he was still limping,” Melissa Evans explained.

What Melissa Evans didn’t know was that a deadly infection was quickly spreading throughout her son’s body.

Mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, Evans fought back tears while talking to me just hours after 6-year-old Chance Wade was released from his third surgery.

“Once we got here, the infection had aggressively went through his whole thigh, all the way to his knee we just got an update that it did spread to his other leg,” Evans explained.
Evans never heard of Necrotizing Fasciitis until her son was diagnosed with it, now she wants to warn other parents about this rare illness.

“It can come from many things staff, just a small cut, an open wound just a scratch… With all this weather changing, and sick babies, and everything going around, just never take anything lightly. Just continued to pray for me and my baby he’s still fighting and it’s going to be alright,” she said.
After spending Thanksgiving at Blair E Batson Children’s Hospital, Evans is hoping to bring Chance home in time for Christmas.

However knowing how unpredictable and fast moving this disease can be, she’s just thankful for each minute she can spend with her baby boy.  

A family member has set up a go fund me account to help the family pay for medical bills and other necessities once Chance is released from the hospital.