McRaven Haunted House in Vicksburg

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – This is the time of year when many people are hoping to get spooked straight.

While many spend their Halloween weekend celebrating the dead make-believe ghosts and ghouls, McRaven House in Vicksburg is where real spirits live and real people come to see them.

A husband and wife bought the home to preserve the stories of the people who once lived here and scary things happen here on a regular basis.

“We had a family one night a mother was carrying about a two year old daughter around in the Mary Elizabeth room which is one of our more active rooms in the house and as she was carrying her around the little girl kept squirming and wanting to get down and momma finally got tired of it and let her down she’s walking around and mom’s not paying attention, but when the mother looks over she sees the little girl walking around the room with her hand in the air like she’s holding an adults finger.”

Everything from holding an adult’s finger to doors that open and close shut to people physically feeling being touched has happened here.

It’s not just this time of year, the McRaven House hosts history and haunted tours all year round.

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