JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) building is still closed due to maintenance issues.

MDHS is a state department, but Hinds County is the one responsible for maintaining the building.

Chemical order and plumbing problems are one of the few issues that were reported. Hinds County Administrator, Kenneth Wayne Jones said the county oversees about 80 buildings.

He believes the board of supervisors should have been alerted the building was about to closed. However, MDHS oversees the daily operations of the building.

“We don’t have a comprehensive plan because nobody is actually communicating with what they’re doing. They don’t have to. So, you know, that’s why I say if you don’t have to communicate with us before you shall be on the map, how you will communicate with us on whether you will go back red carpet or something else. It doesn’t makes it. But I think it was very reckless to blame the board of Supervisors for something that they didn’t know anything about,” said Jones.

Jones said repairs to the building are currently being made and they are already looking into the capital improvement plan and the budget for next year.

WJTV 12 News reached out to MDHS. They said the building should reopen by Monday, October 16.

To contact your caseworker, MDHS suggested emailing dfo.hindscounty@mdhs.ms.gov, uploading your SNAP and TANF documents online, or dropping off your documents at the drop box at 4777 Medgar Evers Boulevard in Jackson.