JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mockingbird Facility for medical marijuana is now open for business.

The facility has been developing its business since January this year. CEO Clint Patterson said since January, the business has established four flower rooms and its first harvest will be in October.

The facility will have product ready for patients in November. Patients are looking forward to the business’s first harvest.

“Im super excited for the opening of the medical marijuana plant as this is something that I believe Mississippi needs. I really don’t second guess that this will beneficial for us who need this,” said Amy Flinn, a medical marijuana patient.

The Mockingbird Facility has also partnered with Nandy’s Candies to make edible marijuana foods for patients who need access to the medical substance. The name of the collaborated business is called “Uncloudy Day.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) will keep track of all the products that are being planted at The Mockingbird Facility to ensure that all the products are being thoroughly monitored.

“I feel that the plants being monitored is something to really be happy for. Its shows that this will be a trustworthy process,” said Josh Richards, a medical marijuana patient.

According to Patterson, an exclusive company called “Metric” was hired by MSDH to act as a watchdog over the plants. Each plant is properly tagged by a metric tag.

Patterson said that The Mockingbird Facility is also planning to begin a mobile clinic to get doctors to communities across the state of Mississippi.