Medics warn of Christmas-time hazard: tips to stay safe

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According to AMR Medics, falls from ladders occur very frequently during Christmas time, resulting in head injuries, broken hips, arms and legs..

Draping lights, hanging wreaths and topping Christmas trees often require climbing ladders, which is the cause for several thousand injuries during the holidays each year in the US, according to the National Safety Council and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

AMR spokesman Jim Pollard said “Elders are more likely to fall from ladders because their vision and balance may have changed and elders who fall often require longer rehabilitation.”

“Men are more likely to be overconfident about using ladders and more inclined to take risks using them,” Pollard added. 

Pollard gives these tips to stay safe while climbing:

–Before climbing a ladder, think about your current health. If you have lost strength or it is harder to keep your balance, stay off the ladder. If your instincts warn you to beware of climbing ladders, stay off them.

–Avoid using a ladder outdoors after dark.

–Keep your ladders in good condition. Check ladders for cracks or weak spots. Be sure rungs are sturdy and locking devices work properly.

–The feet of the ladder must rest on a surface that is firm, level, dry and not slippery.

–When leaning a ladder against a wall, move the bottom of the ladder away from the wall one fourth of the height of the ladder.

–Do not lean ladders against gutters or other weaker parts of a building that may break away. It is safer to use ladders with built-in stand-off bars that hold the ladder off gutters and other soft parts of a structure.

–If you’re using power equipment with cords, be absolutely sure the cords are in good condition. Metal ladders will carry an electrical jot if a frayed cord is touching the ladder when the tool is running.

–Wear shoes that are dry and have enough tread to prevent slipping.

–Never use a ladder in front of a door someone may open.

–Insist that another person hold the ladder the whole time someone is on it.

–Follow the manufacturer’s warnings on weight limits.

–Keep both feet on the same rung while you are working. It’s safer to maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times.

–Do not stand on either of the top two rungs.

–Do not reach or lean so far in any direction that you cannot keep both feet flat on the rung where you are standing. Instead of reaching too far, climb down, move the ladder closer to the spot you need to reach, climb back up and reach safely.

–Keep your tools on a belt or in your pockets or hand them to your “spotter” so both hands will be free when you’re going up or down the ladder.

–Do not use ladders when you have drunk alcohol.

–Do not use ladders outside on days with stiff winds.

–Remember: Climbing onto the roof from a ladder is especially

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