Mentally ill Mississippi woman killed by police in Texas outrages family

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Pamela Turner, a native of Fayette, Mississippi who was gunned down by police outside her apartment in Baytown, Texas was laid to rest in her hometown but the family is demanding answers.

It centers on mental health because according to neighbors and family Turner has been suffering from a mental illness for years and to them police did not need to use deadly force. 

At 44 years old Pamela Turner was a mother of two and about to become a grandmother when her kids heard the tragic news. 

“I had literally five hours before just got out of the hospital from having my baby and my brother called me,” Turner’s daughter Chelsie Rubin said. “I just got out of the shower and was about to lay down and he said I think they’re killing mama.”

It began May 13th outside Turner’s apartment complex when an officer on patrol stopped her and learned she had two warrants, but an altercation began and Baytown police reported Turner took the officer’s taser and tased him. Then while she laid on the ground the officer returned fire.  

“It was mishandled and like she said police need to be properly trained,” retired officer and cousin of Turner Shelvin Hudson told us. “It just wasn’t done right, I just couldn’t see it and I’m hoping we get justice for Ms. Pamela Turner.”

The Turner family says for years Pamela suffered from schizophrenia forcing her to behave different and going forward want officers to be more aware of handling those diagnosed with mental illness. 

“You never know what a person is going through,” Nakita Frye-Newell, a therapist and cousin pf Turner said. “You never know what someone’s tragedy is, you never know what a person’s mind is going through versus a way of how things should be handled.” 

“Somehow they need to train these policemen better to deal with mental ill people,” Jacqueline Marsaw of National Action Network said. “Because there could have been another way he could have handled this or he could have called for backup.”

From here the Turner family plans to head back to Texas where they’ll continue spreading their main message. 

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave while the Baytown police department conducts their own investigation. We’re also told body cam footage was taken during the altercation, but has not yet been released. 

More details on the situation can be found by clicking here.

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