JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Fans packed the Trade Mart for the last day of Mississippi Anime Fest.

People traveled from near and far for the two-day event that put a focus on anime, manga and Japanese culture.

“What made us come was I grew up on anime. I just watched it when I was like eight, fell in love and it wanted to cosplay. Then, I saw they had an anime fest up in Jackson. I said I would just slide by,” said Kevaughn Peters, an Anime Fest character.

For some, attending the fest has become a tradition. For this four-year festival veteran, each year offers its own unique experience.

“Every time I come here, I always wonder what voice actors are going to be here, what famous people are going to be here. I always look forward to that. I always look forward to all the cosplayers to see whose character is going to be here. It’s always a cool experience to try to see who’s going to be here,” said Daniel Black, who was dressed in Shadman cosplay.

Many of the attendees said they enjoyed dressing in costume, buying memorabilia and meeting their favorite voice actors, comic book creators and other like-minded people.

Fans said this year’s turn out makes them even more excited for Comic-Con coming in late June.