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Mississippi College Expands Dyslexia Center

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  Millions of American children have a learning difference called dyslexia. Students from across our state recieve therapy at Mississippi College. 
 Thanks to a generous donation from the Parker LifeShare Foundation, M.C. has 3 new rooms to evaluate students and 2 new meeting rooms. It’s a great space to help the estimated 15 percent of all us who live with dyslexia. 
  Letters can appear less than friendly to a person with dyslexia. 
  5th Grader Meredith Chandler explains, “It’s like they came at you and would come off the pages of the books and really anything.” 
  Meridian  Community College Student Ryan Smith remembers, “You would read something and you could skip a word, or there would be different things and it would just jumble up in my head, and I would just get frustrated and quit all the way.”
  But the learning difference goes deeper than backwards b’s and jumping j’s.
  Dr. Jan Hankins is the Director of the Dyslexia Program at Mississippi College. She explains, “Struggle with spelling, struggle with getting your thoughts out, with rapid naming. Somebody might ask you a question, and you know the answer, but it takes forever to get out.”
  That can lead to problems at school, but Mississippi College is standing by with solutions. Kids can be tested here, and if needed, take therapy here. Families will need to commit at least 3 days a week for at least 2 years. There are no shortcuts, but there’s no denying the results either.
  Ryan Smith who was the first graduate of the M.C. Dyslexia Therapy program says, “It’s the best thing I ever did.
  Elementary age student Kyleigh Sterling says, “It’s helped me with my reading, because when I didn’t do dyslexia therapy, I was not reading a lot and it was just harder.”
 Kyleigh’s mom Vernita gushes, “You can’t ask for anything better. It was something that I couldn’t give her. I couldn’t help her in that arena, but the college has allowed her to grow and find herself again through doing the program. So, yes I’ve seen a lot of changes, and I am thankful.”
  Most insurance companies do not cover dyslexia therapy, but there are scholarships available. You can find out more at
  Mississippi College was the first school in our state to offer a Master’s Degree in Dyslexia Therapy.   

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