FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) – While on a family vacation, Aaron Welborn suited into his gear and went snorkeling at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Twenty to 30 yards off the shore, he met eyes with pearly white teeth.

“They were pearly white. They were clean. They didn’t have any poligrip or anything on them. They looked brand new,” said Aaron.

On a mission to collect seashells for his wife, Blaire, he surprised her with something more rare.

“I go up to her, and I’m hiding them, so she can’t see them. I had been looking for big shells for her, but I’m like, ‘Close your eyes. You’re not gonna believe what I found.’ I was so excited. So, she closes her eyes, and I drop them in her hand, and she opens her eyes up. It’s not a shell. It was dentures smiling at her.”

The dentures that were worth nearly $2,000 had the name Randy Williams engrained on them. They began a quest to return the dentures to their owner.

“I was like, I have to find this guy. I was like, there’s somebody out there that’s going to want these back. I went on Facebook, ‘Hey, if you know who Randy Williams is that’s got dentures, let me know because I got his’,” said Aaron.

They found Randy, a Wisconsin resident, who visited the beach seven days before the couple found his teeth.

“What are the odds we find Randy, but we also find his teeth in the ocean a week later after he lost them. So I was like, this is never going to happen again. We have to make the most of this. So, the dentures adventures was born.”

Instead of a party of two, it became a party of three.

“We took them to Krispy Kreme. We took them to Chick-fil-A. We sunbathed on the beach. We built a sandcastle and put them in it. We soaked in the pool. All the things we did, the teeth did with us,” said Blaire.

Aaron and Blaire Welborn posing with Randy’s dentures at Krispy Kreme.

After the adventure, they shipped the dentures more than 800 miles away with a note.

“So, she wrote this four-page letter from the perspective of the dentures,” said Aaron.

“It was basically the dentures story from the whole week. They were separated from their dad, Randy, until we found them, and then the whole week all their adventures they had been on. The teeth told the story back to Randy,” said Blaire.

And there was also a warning attached to the note.

“In the story it says to please, please forgive him if his teeth– when he puts it back in– they give him a Southern accent because they’d been hanging out with people that say ‘y’all’ like every other word, so it’s been really fun,” said Blaire.

Randy promised to send a photo to the couple once his teeth are in his possession. Randy and the couple are also planning to meet in person and vacation together next year at Gulf Shores.