JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — With visitation restrictions and just the risk of exposure in hospitals, some women are hesitant to see their pregnancy out in delivery rooms and some are exploring other avenues such as midwifery.

Midwives said they’ve seen a lot of people asking about about their services.       

Melinda Thigpen runs Heritage Birth Services in Bay Springs. She said she is prepared to take on a higher number of patients than usual in the months to come as we ride the pandemic out.

“The further out that moms are due the more likely it is that I have an opportunity to take them on,” Thigpen said. “I have already taken on moms who are due in August, September, October who potentially would not have even considered a home birth if it wasn’t for the changes that they have seen in hospitals currently.”

Tupelo midwife, Toni Hill, says that she too has received a lot of attention from concerned soon-to-be moms.

“When the governor decided to go through with the shutdown I had probably 32 phone calls in the first day,” Hill said.

She said that her advice is consistent –pandemic or not– to always do thorough research.

“When people are having their babies they’re always worried!” Hill explained. “This is just one added thing to worry and so my advice hasn’t changed. I tell women as soon as they find out they’re pregnant to read, read, read as much as they can.”

Both midwives stressed that no matter the circumstances, a midwife delivery is meant only for low risk pregnancies, and that it has to have been planned very early on in the pregnancy.