Mississippi native performs at Notre Dame days before the fire

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Experiencing the perfect acoustics at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral is a thrill for both audiences and performers.

One Jackson native performed there Friday.

Just two days before the beloved cathedral erupted in flames, Clayton Davis and his classmates were performing in the very same spot where the roof collapsed.

It was the trip of a lifetime, Clayton turned 17 in France and his choir was doing what they loved most on arguably one of the most magnificent choral stages in the world. Now it is a pile of rubble.

“All of the art and the stained glass and everything was just so so beautiful…”

Surrounded by centuries of history the choir lifted their voices to the vaulted ceiling 

“Singing and getting to experience the acoustics…that were constructed specifically for groups like us to come and sing was really a once in a lifetime experience.”

After months of preparation–Clayton and his choirmates from California performed in 5 historic cathedrals throughout France. They were one of the last performances at Notre Dame.

“I think we were probably the last choir to sing in the cathedral so that’s kind of surreal.”

The 850-year-old cathedral went up in flames on Monday, ravaging most of the roof with hundreds of beams, each hewn from a single oak tree. The lady of Paris took three centuries to build and only hours to burn, a charred shell overlooking the Seine.

“Looking back I do wish I would of kinda taken it all in and really been more observant of the actual cathedral.”

And while many of the artifacts are still intact and being preserved–the most salvageable part of the cathedral are the memories taken from it.

France’s business community has committed nearly $700 million toward preserving the relics and rebuilding the country’s national treasure.

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