JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After Tuesday’s deadly shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, Mississippi students spoke out about the tragedy.

The students said more needs to be done. They called on state and city leaders to act on gun violence prevention, as well as tighten security measures. Students also want leaders to address mental health issues.

“I just can’t believe something like this would happen to them on their last day of school for no apparent reason,” said Eli Jefferson, a student at Obama Magnet Elementary School.

“People kind of want to put a bandage on the situation. They say, ‘Well if this is a problem, we should have stricter gun control laws.’ And yes, those things are needed, definitely, but the problem is people aren’t addressing the deep issues, the systematic issues that lead to problems like this, such as problems with education, mental health treatment, especially with young people. When those things are being ignored, that snowballs into the larger tragedies,” said Hart Jefferson, an incoming junior at Murrah High School.

Erica Jones, President of the Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE), said they will continue to advocate for commonsense gun laws.