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Mississippi woman goes viral for sharing her story about how her breast implants made her sick

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A Mississippi woman is going viral for sharing her story about how breast implants made her sick.

As WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports she’s crediting a Facebook group with saving her life.

“And so I showed my husband the group and I said look at this group, read this read the title, tell me what you think, and he was like oh my God your breast implants are making you sick,” Erika ritschard explained.

After years of unexplained illnesses coupled with countless hospital visits, it was the revelation Erika Ritschard desperately needed.

At 22 Ritschard went under the knife to have breast implants, but over the next 6 years her life would take a turn.

“That same summer I came down with Bronchitis, then strep throat, then a yeast infection, then a kidney infection, and those were like recurring over the next 6 years or so,” she remembered.

She stayed in and out of doctor’s offices, but none of them could tell her what was wrong.

“I had lost my beauty, my energy, I had lost time to spend with my kids, because I was always sick with something,” she said through tears.

While researching online she stumbled across a Facebook page called ‘breast implant illness and healing by Nicole’ and that’s where she found thousands of women struggling with the same symptoms.

“As crazy as it sounds I really owe it all to a Facebook group, because I never ever would have suspected that that was my problem,” she explained.

In 2017 she removed her implants, now more than a year later her mysterious illnesses have disappeared and she’s hoping by sharing her story she can help other women.

“I know how it felt to feel like nobody knows what’s wrong with you, but you know something’s wrong with you, because you don’t feel right…I don’t even care Facebook saved my life. I will never ever deny it,” Ritschard said.

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