JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Tax season is almost here, but Mississippians may have to file taxes differently this year. Neighbors can begin filing their 2021 federal and state taxes in less than two weeks.

“The filing date opens on January 24, which is a week from Monday. The last day is April 18, but you can file an extension and the extension goes through October 17,” explained Jacob Manley with the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

In 2021, millions of Americans received aid through unemployment benefits, stimulus checks and child tax credits. Mississippians may receive a letter from the IRS to fill out new paperwork. They may also get a smaller refund or even owe money to the federal government. However at the state level, everything should be the same.

“There aren’t really any changes to the state of Mississippi this year. Federally, there are some changes, but just within the state of Mississippi, we really don’t have anything too drastic going on,” stated Manley.

With new federal documents to fill out, more people may make some mistakes when filing. Officials said Mississippians should file their taxes as early as possible.

“The earlier you file, the quicker you can get your return back usually. So, it’s very important that people don’t wait until the last minute, and it just keeps the department from getting overloaded because many people do like to wait until the very last minute.”

Taxes can be filed electronically or by mail by April 18.