JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Wendy Hatcher made a difference inside and outside the walls of the prison system until the end of her life.

A day didn’t go by at the Wendy Hatcher Transitional Home where Hatcher didn’t receive a phone call from an inmate thanking her for mentoring them or transforming their lives.

“From the time she was here, somebody from the prison would call every single day and I would let her children even hear it and I would put the speaker phone on even when she couldn’t speak back,” said Pauline Rogers, friend of Wendy Hatcher.

For the last year Pauline Rogers had been caring for her. Hatcher died Sunday morning at age at 87 with loved ones surrounding her.

“It’s just full circle of what her life meant. She was a one woman criminal justice re-entry work system herself.”

Hatcher met Rogers when she was in prison. She opened her home to Rogers when she was released from prison.

“31 years ago December 4, she was my matron of honor in my wedding. We just became friends and we remained friends. I don’t take those words lightly what friendship means,” said Rogers.

The Wendy Hatcher Transitional Home is under the umbrella of reaching and educating for Community Hope Foundation which is a nonprofit organization Rogers and her husband Frederick Lead.

They have a zero recidivism rate and they plan to keep it that way in honor of Wendy Hatcher.