A dangerous game on social media has gone viral and it’s sounding an alarm for parents.

It is called the momo challenge. It is the latest trend, pushing kids to commit suicide.

Many encounter this disturbing video as a”pop- up” or “suggested video” on youtube.

It alarms parents because it gives children directions for committing suicide.

It causes destruction to their houses by turning on household appliances which could harm them.

This is the first time many parents have heard of the momo video… and it worries many about the content being exposed to their children.

“That little picture showed up. Normally he’ll look at it say nana let’s see what that is. He saw it and said, I don’t like that, turn, turn that off. I was like… so I was just glanced at it and turned it off really quick.”

The McKnight family also says they plan to monitor their kids to make sure this video does not affect them.

The momo challenge has been linked to one death in Argentina but none in the U.S.