More than 50 polar bears take over town

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Neighbors in Northern Russia are being forced to stay indoors– after polar bears took over their town. 

Police and wildlife experts cannot get the animals to leave. 

Dozens of polar bears are making themselves at home – roaming through apartment buildings and around neighborhoods in this remote region in Russia. 

In one town, on a peninsula stretching into the Arctic Ocean- residents have spotted more than 50 bears in the last few weeks. 

People are posting their movements on social media, while officials have declared a state of emergency for the town of 3,000. 

The invasion of polar bears has some residents scared to leave their homes or send children to school after a series of attacks. 

The animals are common in the Arctic region but never before have so many occupied a residential area. 

Experts say climate change is forcing the bears inland to look for food. 

Police have failed to scare off the bears… and since they are considered endangered species, it is illegal to harm them. 

The bears settled into the town more than three weeks ago and have shown no signs of moving out. 

Wildlife experts say the best solution would be to sedate the bears then take them as far away as possible.

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