Mosquitoes out early this year

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Flash flooding has become inevitable in certain spots throughout our area when severe weather rolls in. Add in warmer weather and left over puddles, you’ve got a breeding ground for annoying mosquitoes.

But many of the mosquitoes we’re seeing right now aren’t the ones we should be worried about.

Dr. Paul Byers is the State Epidemiologist, he says, “usually what happens after a big flooding event there will be lost of mosquitoes that can hatch as a result of that those are primarily nuisance mosquitoes those are not the types of mosquitoes that relate to disease transmission.”

The Southern House Mosquito transmits the West Nile Virus, and it breeds in smaller areas where water is collected, “if you’ve got areas around your house that can collect water and hold water like backed up gutters or a pot on your patio and deck that fills up with water or even a kids pool,” says Byers.

Michael Bowling is the owner of Mosquito Solution, “there is usually standing water somewhere and we just have to find it, and that’s a lot of the key to getting rid of your mosquitoes.”

Once you remove any standing water, calling a company to spray is the next step; you can also wear long sleeves and pants along with light colors to keep these insects away.

Although we usually don’t see any cases of the West Nile Virus this soon it’s still possible, because the larvae can survive the winter season.
So far no cases of the west Nile virus have been reported this year.

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