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Mother of fallen Brookhaven officer starts first responders charity

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The mother of a fallen Brookhaven Police Officer starts a new organization to support families of first responders who’ve fallen in the line of duty.

It’s called “Warriors of the Badge” and it was started by Vicki Moak who lost her son Cpl. Zach Moak who was shot back in September attempting to save fellow officer James White. Now she’s lending a hand for those who were in her shoes. 

After a powerful national anthem the people of Brookhaven came together behind Vicki Moak for families of a fallen first responder. 

“They go through a lot more then what we realize,” Moak said. “I never understood the brotherhood between them until the death of my son and how close they are, how the bond is.”

How it works is through raffle ticket sales and funds from t-shirts, the money will go into the foundation and be distributed nationwide to households who lose any first responder on the job. 

“That spouse has got to have time off of work, if they have children they have to have time off to be with those children as they grieve,” Moak explained. “We want to provide money or a financial donation that helps them be able to do that.”

One shirt labels each law enforcement agency as God’s Warriors, while another reads warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones who always fight. The family of Officer White loved what they saw.

“That’s exactly what he as a hero, and a warrior,” Officer James White’s sister Lisa told us. “That’s exactly what he was.”

Moak’s motivation to start all this came after her son Corporal Zach Moak passed away serving others. And those even outside the country stood by her side. 

“We had a group of police officers come over from Mexico to the funeral,” Moak stated. “And so we had them from Texas, from Arkansas, New York, Everywhere.”

With her son looking down on this new cause, Vicki knows he would be proud. 

“He would be looking at me right now with his little crooked smile and shaking his head because that’s how he was,” Moak said. “And he was very sweet and soft spoken but when there was something he was proud of I could always look in his eyes and tell and I think I see that right now.”


Now another fallen officer who played a big role in this was Deputy William Durr who was killed serving the community in 2017. The families tell me they are working on a website for “Warriors of the Badge”. You can find the group on Facebook for more details. 

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