Murders of Clinton family leaves community shocked

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Two communities are broken and in shock after a nearly 12-hour standoff deadly over the weekend.
The family at the center of the tragedy lived in Clinton but they worked in Hazlehurst. 
Terrance Friday met with some of the people who saw them every day

The Nail Envy salon in Hazlehurst is described as a place that’s typically vibrant with color and filled with laughter.

But now the lights are off and the business is closed/

“My heart just broke. I couldn’t believe it and I still don’t believe it.”

Its a grim reminder of the carnage which hit a Clinton family home, leaving their friends and colleagues in disbelief.

“ I mean we talk to them every day. Just to go from speaking and talking to them on Friday to hearing about this and seeing it on the news on Saturday is just devastating.”

Alisha Harris worked at a neighboring business for fourteen years.

“It’s kind of like in a small neighborhood like this were all like family. The people grew to know them. It seems more like they were family.”

Clinton Police were called to the family’s Fox Hill Drive home Saturday morning.

Investigators say the business owner, Nam Le, killed his wife, her sister and her fiance. He also shot and killed the family’s 65-year-old babysitter.

“All I can say is we really need to pray for them because we don’t know what went on. We didn’t walk in their shoes.”

And all day today people have been driving by to pay their respects. You can even see a memorial that is forming outside of the business.”

“ we’ve lost an important part of our town and I’m not sure that it can ever be replaced but we’ve got to move forward and just pray that this doesn’t happen again.”

Two small children were also in the home at that time, but they made it out safely. At this point, we still don’t know what triggered the entire chain of devastating events.

A vigil is planned for the family outside of the nail salon tonight it’s happening right now. There is another one planned in the city of Clinton

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