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Nail Envy customers say Nam Le treated them kindly and loved his family

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Two days after 34 year old Nam Lê killed four relatives at a home in Clinton Saturday late this afternoon in Hazlehurst, .a group gathered outside the nail salon he and his wife owned and made a memorial. 

Folks in Clinton and Hazlehurst were stunned with this horrific incident.

For more than a decade the hostage shooter Nam Lê and his wife Lan Thi My Van brought smiles and happy memories serving Hazlehurst but now those once proud customers sit outside a closed store wondering how this could have happened.

Following a weekend of tragedy leaving five people dead, customers and friends of Nam Lê and his family celebrated their memories with a memorial at their nail shop.

“This parking lot was always full,” Dawn Harrington said. “Today it’s just empty with people driving through nobody parked there and it was sad to see.”

What now sits as a dark and empty shop where Lê and three of his victims worked is now decorated with symbols of life.

What started as a few flowers and stuffed animals has just grown into a true memorial with candles and pictures just showing what this business meant to the community of Hazlehurst.

“You know I put a smile on his face and he put a smile on my face,” Patricia Williams stated. “I’d come in there mad and walk out happy he put a smile on my face.”


“I went there every two weeks and spent about $38 and they knew me when I came in,” Chantranbice, a customer said. “So it’s just a very sad situation.”

Despite holding his family and children’s baby sitter hostage before shooting them Saturday, those who came to the nail shop saw Lê as a cheerful man who showed them kindness.

“Nam was really a good guy,” Harrington said. “He brought us cupcakes and Starbucks. It meant a lot to us he just did it several times I’ve only been here six months but he’s done it several times.”


One woman described to us the last conversation she had with him one week ago.

“His wife did my lashes, and they had the music playing and everybody was just laughing and talking,” Tia Barnes a regular customer told us. “When I left out he said I’ll see you later buddy and I never knew that would be the last time I ever talk to him.”


Lê and his wife had two children together who were rescued from the home during the standoff. Were told they are safe in custody with an uncle.

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