NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Natchez celebrated the grand reopening of the North Natchez Youth Center on Thursday, August 3.

The Youth Center renovations totaled up to $959,406. The center was granted $445,300 from the 2021 Recreation Bond and $514,106 from a Capital Improvement General Obligation Bond.

The North Natchez Park will include a new playground, tennis and basketball courts, a large pavilion for gatherings and cook-outs, and the renovated Youth Center.

The Youth Center will house a kitchen and offices, one of which will be the Department of Parks and Recreation office. The Youth Center is open for reservations through the Natchez Parks and Recreation Department or by calling the mayor’s office.

“After many years as a boarded-up building, the North Natchez Youth Center is poised to be a beacon of hope and renewal for the citizens of Natchez,” said Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson. “Our aim is to provide a much-needed community center while empowering our youth to explore their talents and reach their full potential.”

The North Natchez Youth Center will help youth focus on fostering creativity, education, and a spirit of camaraderie. Also, providing dynamic programs and activities led by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.