UPDATE: The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services has commented regarding the allegations that the agency investigated Lakeisha Marie Jones and James Christopher Anderson for child abuse as far back as 2018.

According to the agency, MDCPS made two reports starting in December 2018, and in both cases, they were not about to confirm any of the allegations made.

Despite that, MDCPS says they opened an “in-home case” and made face-to-face visits from January to May, but saw no safety concerns and no new child abuse charges were brought up. The “in-home case” was closed on June 4 after meeting with Jones, the two children, and the children’s grandmother.

The children were never placed into MDCPS custody. 

MDCPS also released a statement on the investigation and said:

          “All of us at MDCPS are saddened to hear of this week’s tragic events in Natchez. Even as child welfare professionals, we are shocked by the heinous acts reported in this case. MDCPS is providing all possible assistance to law enforcement in hopes that the responsible individuals are brought swiftly to justice. This case serves as a painful reminder that despite everyone’s best efforts, evil people will commit evil acts. We hope those responsible for this tragedy are appropriately punished.”

A mother and her boyfriend face child abuse charge following the death of her four-year-old girl, meanwhile her three-year-old sister is clinging to life in a Jackson hospital.

According to Police Chief Walter Armstrong, the girls were beaten severely. 

The mother of the girls has been arrested along with her boyfriend. 

Twenty-five-year-old Lakeisha Marie Jones and 24-year-old James Christopher Anderson are being held at the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.

Jones is charged with Child Deprivation of Necessities with Substantial Harm.

Anderson is charged with felonious abuse of a child (2 counts) which carries five years up to life.

Jones bond is set at $500,000 for both count and bond for Anderson was denied.

Four-year-old Armani Hill died from injuries at Merit Health Hospital in Natchez.

Her three-year-old sister was transported by ambulance to a level 1 trauma hospital where she is listed in critical condition.