JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson neighbors from across the city came to the National Night Out on Tuesday, October 4.

People living in the Shady Oaks neighborhood gathered Tuesday on the grounds of Shady Grove Church to help bring back a sense of community. Shady Oaks homeowners Associate President Sirena Wilson said this was a night for people to simply come out and voice their options.

“People are always complaining about you know the crime, and the police aren’t doing this, or police aren’t doing that, but we as citizens also have a role to play in this. So if we speak up and speak out about what’s going on in our neighborhood, we could help detour crime in our neighborhood,” said Wilson.

One attendee said the more people that care the more people will try to stop the violent crime across the city.

Members of the Jackson Police Department (JPD) and Jackson Fire Department (JFD) stopped by the event, as well as Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba. The mayor said the event was a night to celebrate as a community because they are smarter together.

“We celebrate the fact that we are smarter together, then we are independent of one another, and we celebrate that. Just like Ella Baker said, when you look deep in the community, you find strength, not weakness. So, we’re happy to have y’all out here. We just wanted to come and show our love to you,” said Lumumba.

The purpose of the event was to bridge the gap between JPD and residents and also encourage everyone to use their voice to make Jackson a safe community for all.