Nearly 300 Mississippi native troops come home from duty

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Today families from all across Mississippi were reunited with loved ones who’ve served in the 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team overseas for nearly a year.

The soldiers were stationed in Kuwait supporting efforts to defeat ISIS.

You would have thought some of those people had won the lottery when they saw their men and women in uniform get off the plane.

It brought not only families and friends back together, but also soldier-parents who saw their newborn children for the first time.

For some it felt like forever, but now the day finally arrived with almost 300 troops coming home from duty.

For Specialist Daniel Hankins, coming home gave him a chance to see his seven month old son Westin for the first time since he was three days old.

“It was the greatest feeling in the world even though I missed his birth,” Hankins said. “You know I never had that feeling before but turning around and leaving that was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.”

He had to return to duty just two days after meeting his newborn and he says not a day went by without him thinking of his baby son. 

“Before we were married I thought it was kind of dumb why I had to be over here,” Hankins continued. “But after having him you know I was more positive about it because honestly it was a blessing.”

That was the same feeling for many other families reuniting with husbands, wives, sons, daughters, siblings, friends, and their homeland.

“It’s hard to describe you know seeing the trees and the water,” Specialist Corbin Gilder stated.  “You know were not use to seeing trees and grass.”

“I was like man Mississippi I’m back,” Specialist Hosea Hudson told us.

This all began back in April of 2018 when the troops left to support Operation Spartan Shield to help restore order in the Middle East and now the mission is complete.

We can never repay them for what they gave.

The department of army and air force also announced they plan to return home a total of 3,000 ABCT soldiers by the end of March.

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