A couple in Pearl are charged with animal cruelty after a tip leads to the discovery of two severely emaciated and neglected Great Danes.

As WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports, rescuers were able to save the dogs in the nick of time.

“They’re in terrible shape, Doctor Mills says they would not have lasted another two weeks,” Megan Ainsworth with Rescue Revolution of Mississippi, said.

Just skin and bones and at least 50 pounds underweight, a call to animal control probably saved the lives of these two Great Danes. 

“They could not even sit down because their hip bones were jutting out so badly, so they couldn’t sit or stand, and even standing they were shaking, they were trembling,” Ainsworth said.

Even in their fragile shape Megan Ainsworth says the two dogs were just so happy to see another human, as if they knew rescue revolution of Mississippi was there to save them.

“The black one was super sweet, was walking around the room, laying his head on everybody, and the white one, I think just was still trying to survive, she was just curled up,” she explained.

Both dogs are eaten up with worms, severely anemic and one has an infected wound. It will take thousands of dollars just to get these dogs back to normalcy.

These two babies are bringing light to an even bigger issue, which is the lack of animal cruelty laws in the state of Mississippi, and the amount of abused and neglected animals rescuers are faced with every single day.

“It’s constant. Mississippi is has a terrible animal stray problem, we have terrible animal neglect and abuse problems… For everyone we rescue, there’s 10 more, but it makes a difference to that one for sure,” Ainsworth explained.

While they’re not sure how long these Great Danes endured such terrible conditions, they do know where ever these two pups end up they’ll have unconditional love.

On their Facebook page, Rescue Revolution says, ‘heartworm treatment alone for two dogs this large is going to be minimum $400 each. That is not include doxycycline or pro heart injections (another $100 each). They are too sick for vaccinations right now, but they will be needing those in about a week.’ 

If you’re interested in donating to help these dogs you can do so by visiting the Rescue Revolution of Mississippi Facebook page. You can also donate through PayPal at www.rrofms.org/donate, or Venmo @rrofms.

According to Pearl Police, the owners of the dogs, Klinton and Jessica Koenig were both charged with animal cruelty (Confining without food or water) as well as not having the animals vaccinated for rabies.

Klinton was arrested and released on a $2,000 written bond and Jessica was issued a summons.