JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People of the South Jackson community took to the streets to give their neighborhood a new look. Volunteers spoke about the importance of community service.

Terry Road now has clean roads, freshly painted fire hydrants and trimmed lawns after neighbors took back their neighborhood with a community clean-up.

“Having someone come in and do it for us, you just can’t depend on that. The reality of the situation is, we need to do this and be here for one another to just show our love and support,” said neighbor Regina Lacking.

The trash-filled roads negatively impact neighbors, especially the youngest population.

“Children can’t go outside to play. They may get cut by class or something. Just be mindful when you throw stuff out the window. You may be inflicting some child’s life,” said neighbors Ann Griffin and Angela Chambers.

The volunteers believe cleaner streets will lead to better neighborhoods.

“A good life and a better world,” said neighbor Quentin Johnson.

Community members said the clean-up is love in action.