JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Neighbors in a Jackson community are upset about sewage that has been pouring into their yards and under their homes on Morton Avenue for months. They said despite informing the city, the sewage remains a problem.

Homeowner Bobbie Ramsey said the lingering smell of raw sewage is beyond nauseating, with bacteria and fungus in the murky water surrounding her home.

Ramsey said the sewage is affecting her health. She said the raw sewage water surging under her home disintegrated the floor boards so bad to where she and her wheelchair-bound son crashed through the floor just last week.

Ramsey’s other son, Marquette, who is a certified plumber, said the back up is due to the city’s neglect of cleaning the storm drains, and the raw sewage floods down the street into neighboring properties.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes, Ward 3, who lives on the same street, said this is no way a person should have to live. He claims the city is in no rush to fix the problem since the area is considered a poor neighborhood.

“Poor people treat it with disrespect. Poor people are treated like second class citizens. Poor people are treated worse than a dog, and it does not matter whether you’re Black or white when you living with raw sewage for months. You talk to the city of Jackson. They come out. They give you lip service, but they do not repair anything,” said Stokes.

Ramsey said she cannot afford to move because she is disabled and is also taking care of her disabled son on a fixed income. She said if the city does not address the problem, they will be forced to take legal action.