JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson’s roads remain a major problem for drivers in the capital city. One neighbor said potholes take up most of the road she lives on.

She said she’s tired of spending money to repair her tires. She said she’s tried calling the city to fix the potholes plaguing Shirley Drive in south Jackson, but nothing is being done.

“We’ve replaced plenty of tires. It’s probably well over $1,000 between my tires and his tires,” she said.

She said the damage to her car and the condition of other roads surrounding Shirley Drive have been frustrating.

“They look like craters. When cars and trucks are driving up and down the street, it sounds like thunder or like someone is knocking on your door. The street is literally going to fall in. They just skip Shirley Drive. It’s been like this, I know, for at least three years,” she said.

Just one street over is Charleston Drive, one of the roads that seems to be routinely maintained.

As a Jackson native, she said she’s aware of the city’s ongoing problem maintaining its roads.

“You step outside of Jackson and go into Clinton, Madison or Pearl, the surrounding areas, you’ll see a difference. Why can’t somebody just come with some gravel, asphalt. Something,” she said.

She said her next step is reaching out to local government for help.

Shirley Drive is part of Ward 6, where Aaron Banks serves as the current city councilman. We reached out to him regarding the issue and have not heard back.