JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson city leaders are closer to resolving the garbage contract dispute that’s been tied up in court for months.

The city council’s attorney, Deshun Martin, said a complete resolution from a federal judge is expected soon in the case between the mayor and city council.

As part of the resolution, Martin said the city council will pay Richard’s Disposal $4.8 million for their work, then switch back to Waste Management as the garbage collection agency after a super majority vote.

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said the city council doesn’t have the authority to present contracts to vendors and that Waste Management sent a letter to the city council president stating they wouldn’t work in the city without a valid contract.

Martin said the judge is expected to side with city council.

“That company is a little put off with the whole process and litigation. We’re moving from chaos. We’re moving toward those democratic principles we all hold so dear, such as majority vote. It’ll get worked out. There are growing pains, but it will get worked out. The order, as I understand it, authorizes the start of negotiations with RFP two vendor two is heading to the mayor’s desk even as we speak. We’ll see if he vetoes it. If he vetoes it, we’ll have a super majority, and we’ll override that, and we’ll go on down the road,” said Martin.

He said all parties have submitted everything to the judge and the only step left in this case is a judgement.

He expects Judge Kristi Johnson to sign off on her ruling soon, even possibly before the end of the week.