JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson apartment resident said she wants something done about what she calls “unfavorable living conditions,” so she called WJTV 12 News.

North Hills apartment residents said they have had more than their fair share of issues as of late. They said they’ve complained about where they live, but now it’s time for action.

They said air conditioning and black mold are all too familiar conditions for them since their apartment burned down.

One resident said she was promised a new apartment, but she’s still waiting. She declined to speak on camera.

“Well, the fire happened on May 6. The apartment manager, we have reached out to her several times. She won’t give us a corporate number. She won’t give us fire reports. She won’t place us in another unit,” said one resident.

The same tenant claimed that other residents are currently living in mold and without air conditioning. She expressed her frustration with management and their response times.

“There’s other tenants that live out here in mold. We need help out here. I asked her if there’s any vacancies. She said give her a minute. We’ve been waiting a month full of minutes. How many more minutes do you want us to give you? Poor management. It’s just sad,” she said.

One resident allowed WJTV 12 News into her apartment to look at the mold that she claimed was because of a leaky water heater. She claimed maintenance is understaffed, stating there’s only one person who deals with daily maintenance.

The original resident who reached out to WJTV 12 News is hoping for a quick fix, given the children who live in the apartments and her personal situation.

“I mean, we got babies. These babies over here are hot. They don’t have any air. Come on now. I have two babies, and I cannot be homeless. If we have paperwork over here stating that we have a place to live, then why don’t we have a place to live? Why do we have to go house to house with babies?” she questioned.

Management denied any accusations of neglect and emphasized that tenants must properly report any issues with their apartments to maintenance.

If you or anyone you know is suffering neglect by a landlord or management company, contact the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Division at (601)-965-4762.