JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Members of the Technology Integration for Mississippi Educators (TIME) grant cohort and educational leaders hosted a OASIS event and TIME grant kickoff on Tuesday, June 7 at the Civil Rights Museum in Jackson.

Members of the education, business, and policy community gathered to discuss the support needed to increase the percentage of teachers of color who obtain National Board certification. Members also discussed ways to improve the educational and learning systems for the youth in Jackson.

Leaders of TIME believe that the funding that is provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant will bring more awareness to teachers across Mississippi about benefits and resources.

Peggy Brookings, CEO and president of National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, said the organization wants to support all teachers in the state.

“Research shows that a child who has had a board certified teacher learns more and also earns more in their lifetime,” said Brookings. “It makes an incredible difference in who they become and the rest of their educational career.”

Along with many educational leaders, the OASIS and TIME event had several key speakers, including James Meredith.

Governor Tate Reeves is expected to attend the event on Wednesday during the TIME Grant kick-off, which will be held at the E-Center at Jackson State University.