JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With school back in sessions, high school athletes in the City of Jackson are preparing for Friday night football games this fall.

With football being a high contact and physical activity, the Jackson Public School District (JPS) and other community members are teaming up to help keep athletes hydrated while the capital city is under a citywide boil water notice.

Jackson is in its third week of the boil water notice, and neighbors said they wanted to make sure student athletes had clean water.

“We wouldn’t be able to survive without donations. There have been donations from the City of Jackson, Kroger, parents, and other community organizations. So, there have been several donations during this crisis,” explained Daryl Jones, athletic director for JPS.

Leaders and coaches within JPS are trying to centralize the water after they receive the donations. Coaches are able to pick up the water if needed. Water has also been delivered and distributed to different locations throughout the district.

“It’s a fluid situation. We do what we have to do to make it to provide our scholar-athletes with drinking water during this tough time. We know it’s warm outside, and we know they enjoy competing in football. The community has been really good, as well as the parents have stepped up and provided water for our scholar-athletes. They haven’t gone without,” said Jones.

Immerging tubs are also available to players if there happens to be a heat-related illness. Coaches will have the tubs and ice available to get the players cooled down as fast as possible.

“The children can have all the water they want, as far as breaks are concerned. There are times we alter practice where they take off their helmet and shoulder pads at a certain point during practice time. We don’t do as much conditioning. We try to spread it out throughout the time. Coaches have been doing a great job with their practice schedules, making sure they are scheduling breaks.”

Scrimmage games of two quarters will take place on Friday, August 19. The official football season for JPS will kick off on Thursday, August 25.