Palestinians supporters rally in Jackson

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The tensions between Israel and Hamas resulting in the death of hundreds of Palestinians has sparked nationwide protest including here in Jackson on Saturday.

Dozens of Palestinian Americans gathered outside of the Muslims with Christian and Jews, an exhibition of Covenants and Coexistence on Capitol Street to protest Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

Protesters are calling for America to stop funding Israel’s army and are calling the airstrikes on the Gaza strips a war crime. Palestinian Americans are calling the attacks on Palestine a genocide.

Sabrina Akrabawi said, “We want Biden to stop funding the Israeli millitary that is money that could have went to homeless people in our country. We didn’t get free healthcare last year during COVID and people were dying but the Israeli army gets money overseas $800 million a year to fund the Israeli government so that they can kill innocent people who don’t have an army. How does that sound? Does that sound right?”

“We want to inform the US citizens that we are actually paying for the bombing of these people who are woefully under prepared to defend themselves,” said Savannah Willis with the International Museum of Muslim Culture.

There is currently a ceasefire between the Israeli Army and the Hamas.

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