JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A group of grieving Israelis and Palestinians who have lost children to violence are visiting Jackson this weekend.

The group learned about racial tensions from the past and present at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. It’s part of the Parents Circle’s “Reflection and Reconciliation: Journey to the U.S. South” tour. It’s meant to help the group learn about difficult situations and hardships of those in the U.S. and to teach Americans about the dangers of the current Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

The Parents Circle hopes to meet with Americans who are suffering from racial divides, violence and local issues like Jackson’s water crisis. Those in the organization said it’s important that we find a sense of unity and peace.

“It’s again, the question of taking sides, which never works anyway. If we should put pressure on the end of the occupation, because I think also the occupation not only is a deficit devilishly cruel to the Palestinians who don’t have freedom of movement, which is a basic human right, it is also ruining the moral fiber of Israel. Therefore, it’s very sad. I love Israel. It’s my country. I want us to live in peace with a neighbor who’s as free as I am,” said Robi Damelin, Director of International Relations with The Parents Circle.

The group will be sharing their stories Sunday evening at Temple Beth Israel on Old Canton Road starting at 7:00 p.m.