JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Richard’s Disposal is continuing to pick up trash for the City of Jackson, but they’re not getting paid for the work that they’ve done.

Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba said entering into a new trash RFP would cause sanitation fees to skyrocket in order to account for higher gas prices and products, which would put a burden on citizens.

The mayor said his administration’s plan is already in effect, which is awarding the garbage contract to the ‘clear winner’ of the initial RFP process. He said Richard’s told him that the business is suffering extreme financial challenges.

Lumumba said if trash is not picked up, it’s the fault of the members of the Jackson City Council.

“Because they refuse to pay the person or the company that is doing it. The company that has rightfully won. The company that is doing it at the same rate under the emergency contract that Waste Management was doing it, and so the real question that they are not asking, or the real question that they are not posing is, ‘Am I willing to illegally, illegally and unfairly run this company out of business when they were a bona fide good faith vendor and bring in Waste Management?” the mayor stated.

Lumumba also said if certain councilmembers have their way, it would destroy the current RFP.