Pearl High School dedicates 800 meter race to Kaelin Kersh

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Pearl High School dedicates race to Kersh

The legacy of Mississippi State track star Kaelin Kersh lives on in her hometown of Pearl.

Pearl High School dedicated their 800 meter race to Kaelin who held the record. 

This is the first race honoring Kaelin since her passing nearly 2 years ago, last year they were rained out. 

“Just to keep hearing her name over and over again knowing that she’s supposed to be here and she’s not,” Kaelin’s mother fought back tears. 

Toni Kersh stepped onto the Pearl High School race track for the first time since her daughter’s passing. 

“So it was really really hard being out here and just seeing the young ladies in the uniform that she used to wear, when she used to grace this track and so it was lovely seeing the young ladies run the Kaelin Kersh 800 meter run but it was also very difficult to just stand and watch them knowing that Kaelin used to be out there,” her mother explained. 

May 7th 2017 Kaelin’s promising future was ripped away from her when Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Kyle Lee crashed into the car she was in traveling 100 miles per hour. 

Her family refused to have her legacy come to a tragic end on Highway 182.

“Kaelin wanted to run fastm, she wanted to post good times and she wanted competition and so to bring competition here, on the track that she holds the school record, means a whole lot,” Coach Kersh, Kaelin’s dad, said. 

Hernando High School senior Katelyn Cartwright won the race dedicated to Kaelin and says it was all for her. 

“She loved to run she was just doing what she loved to do, and for life to end so quickly, I just knew that I had to give it my all, not for myself, not for my coach, but in honor of her,” Cartwright said. 

Next week Kaelin would have turned 24 years old, but the legacy she leaves behind is eternal.

Former Trooper Kyle Lee was indicted on a manslaughter charge earlier this year. 

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