PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – As the baby formula shortage continues to impact families across the United States, one mother in Mississippi shared her story.

Amy Goff said the shortage was an issue that she never thought she would have to face as a new mom. When she tried to purchase the usual baby formula for her infant, it was gone.

“Me and my husband, we just thought maybe they are having recalls, maybe they are getting ride of certain formulas,” she said.

Goff said she eventually learned one of the nation’s largest baby formula plants had been shut down. From there, she said the challenges to feed her daughter, Ava, were greater than she expected.

“It was very frustrating. Me and my family drove around for weeks searching from store to store.”

Goff said she could never find the same baby formula. Over time, she purchased six different brands that affected her daughter.

“Her skin broke out completely due to the formula. She had to go see a dermatologist. Her doctors didn’t know much. They kept saying it was eczema, but then they finally said it was due to switching over to six different formulas,” she explained.

The new mom contacted Mothers Milk Bank of Mississippi for help.

“I could just tell in her voice that she was really like down to the last straw; like trying to figure out what to do,” said Francis De La Rosa, executive director of Mothers Milk Bank of Mississippi.

With one call, the organization launched a new program.

“We figured this is our time to help. We need to help these parents. We are doing a one-time dispensation of 34 ounces of donor human milk of parents who are in need,” explained De La Rosa.

For Ava, the solution came just in time.

“Now she can actually have some relief, and she’s cleared up again, and she’s got that peachy, creamy skin back,” said Goff.