Pearl Public School District announces Teacher of the Year candidates

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The Pearl Public School District announced the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year from each of the district’s five schools. 

The Teacher of the Year program is sponsored by the Mississippi Teacher Center within the Mississippi Department of Education.and honors outstanding public school teachers across the state. 

Lauren Allen is Pearl Lower Elementary Teacher of the Year.  Allen has been teaching since 2004 and believes that having fun and being interactive in the classroom can make a lasting impression on students and can help them to achieve.

Northside Elementary Teacher of the Year is Antrice Friday. Friday is in her twenty-third year of teaching and works to help her students understand, that it’s not always about being the smartest; it’s also about how hard you work.

A fifth grade science teacher is Pearl Upper Elementary Teacher of the Year. Jennifer Hite is in her tenth year as a certified teacher. Gavin Gill, the principal at Pearl Upper, says: “Her passion for teaching elementary students is evident in her always-present smile, compassionate spirit, and willingness to go the extra mile for every child in our school.”

David Houston is the Pearl Junior High School Teacher of the Year.  Houston has taught seventh grade  world history and eighth grade American history for the past seventeen years and served as the golf coach for the past fifteen. Houston holds firm to the belief that “students don’t fail; teachers do” and that the job of a teacher is to make sure all students are successful.

Pearl High School Teacher of the Year is Steven White. White teaches Honors World Geography, Honors Mississippi Studies, and Advanced Placement Human Geography and has been teaching since 1998. He says that, because he wants to create informed, effective citizens ready for a global community, he “seeks to challenge and inspire his students about how the earth’s processes affect humans and how human patterns affect the history and geography of our world.”

From these five teachers, the 2018-2019 Pearl Public School District Teacher of the Year will be selected. A panel consisting of educators and people from outside the district will evaluate application packets from these five teachers and conduct personal interviews.

One teacher will be recommended to represent the district in the state-level program.

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