PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Pearl will make new additions to its midtown area.

Greg Flynn, public information officer for the city, said the Midtown Pearl Project will be underway after the Board of Aldermen passed the new zoning overlays during Tuesday’s Board meeting.

The new downtown area will stretch from Pearson Road to Bierdeman Road and go towards Highway 80 and back to Old Brandon Road near City Hall.

Flynn said the city wants to add more businesses that would attract young professionals.

You know, people ask all the time, what about the neighborhoods? What about the houses? Well, that’s right. Now that’s free market. You know, we’re hoping that developers, investors will come in and want to fix that area up because there are some very, very old homes and a lot of them are just rental homes in there. So, we’re hopeful that they’ll get people nicer places to live,” said Flynn.